Members of the Panel


Sheldon Toner – Chair and Adjudicator

Sheldon was appointed as a member of the Adjudication Panel in 2012.

Sheldon Toner was appointed Chair of the Human Rights Adjudication Panel in March 2016, and is currently the Chair.  As a member of the panel, he has mediated human rights disputes, conducted pre-hearing conferences, adjudicated human rights issues and written decisions. He is also a partner in Dragon Toner Law Office and an instructor with the Foundation of Administrative Justice (FOAJ).  He has practiced in a variety of areas focusing mainly on administrative and employment law, and he advised and represented boards and tribunals in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Adrian C. Wright – Adjudicator

Adrian was appointed as a member of the Adjudication Panel in 2007.

Adrian Wright has been in private practice of law in the Northwest Territories since 1984. He has an active law practice in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Colin Baile – Adjudicator

Colin was appointed as a member of  the Adjudication Panel in 2014.

Colin Baile has been involved with administrative justice in the North for over thirty years. He has served as Chair of several administrative tribunals including the NWT & NU Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal, NWT Liquor Licensing Board, and Rental Office. He has also served as a member on tribunals such as the NWT Human Rights Commission, Employment Standards Adjudication, NWT Human Rights Adjudication Panel, and professional associations’ discipline Boards of Inquiry.

Taking an active role, Colin has made several presentations to the NWT Legislative Assembly on various administrative justice issues such as administrative justice reform and Ombudsman legislation.

In addition to adjudicating administrative matters, Colin has represented individuals before various tribunals, provided training to several decision-making bodies, and developed policies and procedures for tribunals.

He is presently on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Council of Administrative Tribunals, and is an instructor with the Foundation of Administrative Justice in Alberta.

Emerald Murphy – Adjudicator

Emerald was appointed as a member of the Adjudication Panel in 2017.

Her academic training includes a B.A. (Asian Area Studies – Japan) (UBC), completion of graduate coursework in political science (University of Victoria), and an LL.B (UBC) where she participated in the UBC First Nations Legal Clinical Term.  She has received additional training in mediation and arbitration from the Foundation of Administrative Justice and the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and contract drafting.

Emerald worked as a civil servant for the Government of British Columbia and the Government of the Northwest Territories, including positions as Legislation Advisor for the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, Director of Commissioner’s Lands, and as in-house legal counsel to the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission.  She was an active member, including chairperson, of the Income Support Appeal Committees for Yellowknife and Behchoko for a number of years.

Emerald is a semi-retired private practitioner and an active member of the law societies of the Northwest Territories and British Columbia.


Paul Parker – Adjudicator

Paul was appointed as a member of the Adjudication panel in 2018.

Paul works as a lawyer. His law practice is varied with a focus on litigation and administrative law. He has experience in both the private sector and in government.

He has training and experience in mediation and is on the roster of mediators for the Northwest Territories family law mediation program.

Paul also has experience as an adjudicator with various independent administrative tribunals in the Northwest Territories. He is the former Chairperson for both the Social Assistance Appeal Board and the Student Financial Assistance Appeal Board. Currently, he is a lawyer-member of the Mental Health Act Review Board.